Simba hunting his fruit flies (vid & pics!)


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Just thought I'd share a vid I got yesterday of Simba catching fruit flies and then a few mins of him chilling in his Ficus (focus not great but captured a couple of good 'action shots' at the start :) )

Then after eating most of his lunch:p......

he headed up to his basking spot to catch some rays :cool:

I'm getting quite a variety of feeders into him now; locusts, fruit flies, roaches, calci worms, wax worms (and moths when they hatch), bean weevils (when they decide to hatch:rolleyes:) and recently butterworms, which he LOVES!!:p

Such a handsome lil man :D



I love the way they get all excited and lick thier lips. It is like thier mouth is watering....I always know when Sayid is about to strike...and I love the finished YUM YUM look:D


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you should have a sign outside that cage that reads "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE BABY" LOL..really nice....where do you get your butterworms from?

Miss Lily

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Awww! I love the video! The link you posted on the UK forum didn't work, so I am glad you posted it here too! He is doing so well!:D
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