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does anyone know where i could get some silkworms now? all we have is a petco around here and all they have is melies, supers, and waxies. i got some waxies and my guy didnt like them too much, but he ate all 6 doz that i had. keep in mind he is eating about 1 doz large crix everyday, and im sure he could eat more.
coastal silkworms

Thier website is working, I was just there. If the link on the above post doesn't work then just type coastal silkworms on a google search and find thier website that way.
ya i ordered some, thanks alot. that seems to be the only place with any for sale. all the other places are either out or all they have is extra small, or cultures.
If I get silkworms eggs, what temperature do they need for hatching?
I just want some small silks for my pygmys :)
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