Hello! So I am looking for a reputable source for silks for my panther. I just ran out and my guy refuses to eat Dubia. I have other feeders to hold me over but really would like more silks. I am placing an order from somewhere that is a pre order 4-6 weeks out. I was hoping to find some more to purchase sooner and was wondering if anyone knew of where I could get them quickly? I have a few sources given to me from a trusted friend but they’re all sold out or pre order only. Thanks everyone!

Also, Eddie says hi and is doing well. 🥰
Just kidding, he says he wishes everyone would just leave him alone. 😂


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Jojo and I have spoke. I will have medium silkworms available this week to start shipping out Monday. I have expanded so I can raise more at one time and keep in different stages of growth. Hopefully I won't have the selling out in 2 days problem again.
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