silkworms suppliers in the uk


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hello there everybody,i was just seeing if anybody could help me find an alternate silkworms supplier in the uk.
i currently use but for the last 2-3 weeks i have been unable to get any silkworms,i have placed a couple of orders that i have yet not recieved,does anyone know of a more reliable sikworm supplier in the uk?
my chameleon is refusing to eat his crickets and i think this is due to the fact he wants silkworms,currently he is eating some locusts and a couple of butterworms a day but i preferably want to be feeding him silkworms again before he decides to want crickets again

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hi , is this supplier the warwick insects one, as i too placed my order for silkies 3 weeks ago and having phoned them 3 times and being promished them each week they have still not arrived will phone AGAIN tomorrow , i know what you mean though mine are playing up and not wanting locusts they never like crickets anyway so i'm getiing desperate , they had phoneix worms last week the small veiled adores them but they too small for my panthers so its mealworms at the moment for them, they didn't like butter worms at all
don't think there is any other supplies in u.k though

cheers but there is no uk silkworms suppliers there,i do not think they will survive if i order them from canada.
and to suzanne it is indeed warwick insect supplies i am referring to,they have made the same promises to me and i am yet to recieve my order,having been a regular customer for a few months i am quite furious that they so blatantly lied to me hence why i am trying to find a different supplierq
i feel exactly the same always being promished and then they never turn up , but guess what i was all ready for a big argument with them this morning and they came in the post , the chams thinks its there birthday they are going mad for them!
how many did you purchase , i got 100 med they have prob ate 30 already though, don't know what i'm going to do when i run out again though it's not worth all the hassle with this company but the chams love them soo much what do i do?

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