Silkworm Feeders, Tip.

Here is a tip for all you silkworm fans. The poop that comes from silworms is called "Frass". The amount of Frass that you get from silkworms is approximately 20% of the food you give them, assuming all of it is eaten. This frass when dried out, works as a great fertiliser. Its quite natural and, promotes healthy soil nutrients, and in my experience plants love it. I also bury dead silkworms, the empty cocoons and everything. no peice is unused.

Don't use it in your own vegitable/food garden, but a pothos or any other chameleon plant wont mind.
Isn't fertilizers bad in a Chams cage? I thought they can give out a gas that can be potentially harmful to the cham.
I notice that when feeding the silk worm to my cham, (predominately) the fecal matter is white. Is this of which you speak?
I would assume any waste be it catapillar or cham
would be beneficial in the garden.
When I clean out the fish ponds all that water and waste
goes on my outside plants as well.
I never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

I notice that when feeding the silk worm to my cham, (predominately) the fecal matter is white. Is this of which you speak?

What was the fecal color if you are not feeding silkworm? From my past experiences, Cham does not drink as much if fed silkworm and fecal are white (proper hydration) because silkworm contain more moisture compare to some other feeders.

That's good to know, altough, I don't believe I mentioned using dead animals ....just waste.
I have buried dead fish from the pond in the garden my ancestors did:)

Oh, how did I miss read that?! Been up nearly all night.

Not sure what the chams poop contains as far as using it as fertiliser, but frass is essentially (from what I understand) ~20% of the original chow, powdered leaves with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Plant protein essentially- how much nutrients are left over from passing through a chameleon, not sure, thought I'd hope its low.
i thought you were saying that the dead silk worms make great fertilzer. i can see the poop does but .. never mind im goig to sleep
I hate and love silkworms, they are a great staple but there frass always gets stuck on there silk lol. It annoying.
Keep them on screen, small screen for small worms large screen for large worms. The poop falls through, worms don't.


Worms were getting too large in this photo to have the poop fall through. but you get what I mean.
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