silkworm eggs

what would be a better buy. i was at the coastal silkworm website and i plan to buy 100 silkworms combo for 14.98 but now i can't decide if i should buy another 100 silkworms or 500 hundred silkworm eggs same price 9.98. my worry is how hard is it to hatch silk worm eggs and how fast do they grow
They are easy to hatch and grow very fast. The only thing is you need to have access to a mullbery tree. If you don't the processed food can get expensive because they eat like crazy. I suggest getting the 500 eggs because I just ordered the 100 worms from coastal silk worms and they are pretty small. :D
I usually buy eggs. Cheaper and easier to manage. With one chameleon at the moment, I really don't need 100 silkworms of the same size. I have thousands of eggs now waiting to be used. Mulberry Farms has good prices on food.
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