Silkworm coccoon in the shipment?


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Alright well I have waited roughly 3 months for Mulberry farms to have large silkworms available and my shipment came in today. I open the second box and i see this thing in the corner of the box, and it looks like a piece of styrofoam except it's harder than styrofoam. The question I have is what should i do with it to get it to hatch? Should I leave it in that box they came in or should it be relocated? I'm unsure what to do i don't wanna kill it if it actually is a coccoon lol.
If it's a coccoon you can detach it and place it somwhere where it wont move. Post a pic to confirm it is a coccoon though. Or just look up some pics.
Ok It was a coccoon, one coccooned today and it looks just like it.. Anyone know how long till they come out?
I only had one cocoon! I think it took a couple of weeks and once they hatch they don't fly or eat or anything so you just feed them off. Your cham should like them!
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