Silk worm eggs?


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When I ordered my silk worm pod I also ordered a petri dish of silk worm eggs ... how exactly am I supposed to take care of these eggs? I kinda thought that they would come with instructions... do I leave them in the petri dish until they hatch? Thanks!
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i just keep the petri dish in a warm(20-30 C), dry(relatively) place until they hatch..they should hatch within a week at this temp..
This has been my method for raising batches of 250: they should hatch around dawn. It might take two mornings, but they usually hatch all close to the same time. Feed them within 24 hours, but be careful it doesnt get too humid or mold will grow(bad). I just feed them in the petri dish for a few days (give them enough to eat in a day, spread around the bottom so theres a large surface area to spread out on)...after that they get strong enough to move around more easily. At this point I "move" them into a bigger container with more food spread around the floor.. I assist the smallest ones but the bigger ones will all move onto the new chow np if the petri dish is set near the new food in the new container. I use a tupperware bin for this, layering the bottom with papertowels for easier cleaning (clean out the waste buildup periodically to keep the environment decently clean)..

This is just my method, and i'm a relative beginner..If someone has anything to add I'd like to learn more too..
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