Signs that they're gonna give birth?


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Just wondering if there are any reliable signs that the time of birth is near? I have a pregnant Werner's, and I have no idea when she's going to give birth (she just started showing a larger stomach about 1.5 weeks ago)...any eating changes/activity or energy level changes, etc...

I have no idea. I just came home one day and they were embryos all over the floor. I had to get some out of the sacs and 8 made it from 10. I knew she was pregnant but I didn't know when she was due. Ask Jason? at wild eye reptiles, I think they have bred them. When mine pops this time, I'll be able to tell you to the day, but of course, they vary. I'll trade you later down the line if you are interested and sucessful.

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hmmr...that's kind of my concern...i read that they tend to give birth in the mornings....and of course if i'm away at work, then that would leave all the babies unattended all day....i'll try to contact jason. thanks for the reference :) what kind of chams are u breeding? would be cool to trade :)
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One day before she is going to have babies she does show unusual activity and crowl all over the place. Next morning you can find her giving birth in early hours. This are mine observations:)
Let her do her own thing, and hope the strong survive. Its tough, but why pamper a hatchling that is week, as there is a stronger probability it will have problems later on in life, or pass of problems after mating.
Some of the signs that a female chameleon is ready to lay her eggs are as follows:

1) She will stop eating or not eat as much as usual.

2) She will become restless - for example, she will start walking around the bottom of her cage or walking around the potted plants looking for a place to lay her eggs.

3) Dependent upon the type of chameleon, there is usually a time period between mating and becoming gravid to when she is ready to lay her eggs. For example, typically a female panther chameleon will lay her eggs around 21 days, plus or minus, after becoming gravid.

If you notice her becoming restless and searching the cage for a place to lay, it is time to prepare a container for her to lay her eggs in. :)
Nice post, but Ch. werneri is giving birth not layings eggs:) So there are exceptions..they eat even day before giving birth, they do not look for place to bury eggs.
Yes, there are several live bearers, Rudis is another live bearing chameleon as well. Most lay eggs, so those who want to know the signs of egg laying chameleons, there you go! :)
I have both live bearers and egg layers and the live bearers seem to just have them one day with no notice. Maybe a little more restless than normal the day before. I can always tell on my egg layers when they are ready. Pretty much what Jenna posted. I am surprised almost every time with the rudis but it is always in the morning. I had one female hang upside down one evening and I thought that she was having complications, but she gave birth the next morning with no problems and had 11 babies which is the most I've seen a rudis have. I think that the large clutch size was over stressing her or something. The babies and her are still doing great. I've heard of someones Jacksonii merumontanus that hung upside down the day before giving birth also so there could be something to that, but that was the first time I had witnessed one doing it. Good luck with them!
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strange behavior

I have a female veiled cham. She has been digging and tearing up the ground in her cage. I've heard that females will lay unfertilized eggs. She has not been bread. Her appetite has slowed down as well.
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