sign or things to come?


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Took some more pictures of murph today in her enclosure, does she look "ok" to u guys, shes pretty spotty and in one picture can c some gold colour coming through, what do u guys think?

jamie & murph


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Look at the belly on her, though. I could be mistaken, but the first pic looks like she has egg lumps. I would say.. gravid. Has she been bred? Either way, I would provide a laying bin for her.

Hey guys,

ive been told she 7months old from the guy i brought her from, she's eating like a trooper and drinking ok, in her enclosure i have 2 live plants which are potted in a 10x8inch deep pots, both contain the cham safe potting soil. its preety much well coverd by the leaves so providing here with some nice cover. Im not sure if she's been mated i will enquire

Jamie & murph
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