sick jackson chameleon(s)


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hey everyone hows it going? I have 2 jackson chameleons each about 7 moths old. Up until recently they both have been showing signs of a healthy chameleon. About 3 weeks ago we noticed one of ours (Heizenberg) wasn't behaving normally. we wasn't eating or moving properly (not utilizing his front legs) we took him to an exotic vet and they gave him a shot of calcium witched made him move like frankenstien and seem to be fine if only for a moment. he said that he might have a parasite, and then gave us a cream to rum on his belly once a week. He also gave us dog food and told us to serve him a tiny bit warmed up mixed with the reptile multi vitamin powder as well as the calcium powder. we did this and it only seemed to make him worse. Until recently he is now opening his eye and mouth so we are able to give water.


My problem lies in our other chameleon, Gustavo. This morning when i woke to turn on their lights I found him on the ground (similar to the case of our other chameleon) I placed him back on his branch to bask and he soon enough fell off. i placed him on a lower, and the same thing again. When holding him and watching him in the cage it appears he can only walk in circles/spirals (to the right) I am very worried because he seemed much healthier than the other guy and i do not want to lose both of them. if any of you out there know what may be wrong with either of them or have advice as to what to do that would be amazing! anything helps thank you!


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Have you filled this out before? It might help the experts with more info.
Chameleon Info:
• Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care?
• Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon?
• Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount? What is the schedule? How are you gut-loading your feeders?
• Supplements - What brand and type of calcium and vitamin products are you dusting your feeders with and what is the schedule?
• Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? How often and how long to you mist? Do you see your chameleon drinking?
• Fecal Description - Briefly note colors and consistency from recent droppings. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites?
• History - Any previous information about your cham that might be useful to others when trying to help you.

Cage Info:
• Cage Type - Describe your cage (Glass, Screen, Combo?) What are the dimensions?
• Lighting - What brand, model, and types of lighting are you using? What is your daily lighting schedule?
• Temperature - What temp range have you created (cage floor to basking spot)? Lowest overnight temp? How do you measure these temps?
• Humidity - What are your humidity levels? How are you creating and maintaining these levels? What do you use to measure humidity?
• Plants - Are you using live plants? If so, what kind?
• Placement - Where is your cage located? Is it near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas? At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor?
• Location - Where are you geographically located?

Current Problem - The current problem you are concerned about.
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