Siberian Husky Pup


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So I just got this guy about a month ago and its been an adventure so far lol. He has one blue eye and one brown eye but you cant really tell in these pics because the flash makes them red. He is 14 weeks old and his name is Enzo.
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Enzo is GREAT!! dogs have always been my first love. you can see his eye pretty good in the 3rd pic i always liked that in a dog.
thx for sharing


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Awwwww he is adorable!!!!

I've decided a Sibe will be my next dog. Got 2 Jacks at the mo and a little house so no room for any additions :(

They are my favourite breed of dog....stunning....although I'm also partial to Northern Inuits too ;)


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We use to save dogs and adopt them out and we've had three huskies. One of which had a blue and brown eye too! Must be common. He looks awesome! take good care of him.
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