Show dates

Just asked/got days off from work to attend a few shows this year. San Diego Super show in June, Pomona Super show, followed by Daytona in August, Anaheim and Sacramento in September. Was going to try San Jose this year, but have my big day job show going on at same time. :(

Now to figure out when Hamm, Germany is this year.
I will be happy to go with you to Germany and carry your bags, you wouldn't even notice buying an extra ticket for me to go.
Woo Hoo!! Steve's coming to Daytona!! :D:D I might be there as a mere spectator this year - we'll see. :rolleyes:
I'm going to be at the SD, Pomona, and Anaheim shows for sure. I'm officially a Cham addict and should have a couple of breeding projects by next year.

Thanks for the crickets today again! Next time I think I might get larger ones. ;)
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