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should i put some substrate for my cam? if so wat kind? in my gallery there is a picture of my cage... and yea i added more vies for him to climb and i havent been able to take a pic yet so yea... thanks for the help
It looks like you have paper towel in there. That is ideal. Do not add any sort of substrate. The risk of ingestion and possible blockage is too great.
If you want to make it look better try putting some low plants like pothos on the floor of the enclosure.

but i feed it in a little container... does that matter if i put substrate?? since i have the plant in the middle is it ok if i put fake plants around it or is it better to put real ones??
Just don't do it.
I don't understand why you would take a risk with your chameleons health and well being.
It doesn't matter that you cup feed, he will go down and try to "zap" the substrate on purpose. I have seen baby veileds do it with potting soil, gravel and bark.
Just don't have it!
Some artificial plants are fine. I personally prefer more real plants. A baby veiled will also chew on fake plant leaves. If you provide him with real non-toxic plants then this is not a problem.

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There are absolutely NO benefits from adding substrate to a true chameleon cage, and it doesn’t add any noticeable humidity either. All you are asking for is potential problems by doing so …

Parasite breeding
Blooms of bacteria/mold/etc.
Draining issues

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