Short gestation


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Hey all, my female panther has been gravid for only 17 days and yesterday I found a random egg in her cage, I put it in the incubator and its looking good.

I didnt expect her to lay so soon, I did have the laying bin in her cage the whole time except for 3 days until I found the one egg. Was taking the chameleons outside for sun everyday and it was really heavy from the laying bin...
I dug a hole in the dirt for her to see if shes interested like Ive done with all my females...and normaly they start digging on from that hole...
Well now she isnt really interested in digging or anything like that, she just sits on a perch above the dirt...She is still acting normal but isnt eating...

You think she will start soon enough or should I be worried??

I would put her in the big egg laying bin and put a mesh top on it so she cannot get out. Then leave her alone. Maybe she is stressed from being moved?

Good luck.
She laid the rest of the eggs today in the normal laying bin method.

Only 14 eggs but she wasnt a huge female.
My other very big female is gravid and will lay in about 2 weeks or so.
Wonder if they will both retain and lay again?
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