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I plan to go shopping this afternoon for a new digital camera. If anyone has any recommendations let me know please :) I'm looking for something that will bring me years of high quality photos. I have been doing some research lately, but would love some first hand experience from others.
Hi Brad,

I just purchased a Canon EOS 20D... I LOVE IT! It has very high reviews (or did when I was researching cameras), you can buy additional lenses for it (zooms, etc), takes fantastic pictures, and has 5.6 fps which is fast enough to catch tongue shots from your chameleon. There are higher fps cameras out there, but they are much, much more expensive. The camera I bought was a bit pricey, but decently priced for the functions and quality it offers (around $1500.00).

I'm sure there are just as good quality cameras at lower prices that take great photos if price is a concern. My focus on purchasing a camera was how fast it could take pictures consecutively (fps) which is how I ended up with the Canon EOS 20D. I wanted those tongue shots! :p
Thanks for the info. I have read a lot of good things about your camera and it's one of the cameras I will be looking at today. There are a few local camera stores that carry a nice selection, but I may end up purchasing online to save some money.
I was looking at a Cannon Powershot the other day but I didn't really know what I should buy. What did you end up getting/looking at?
Not knowing exactly what you want your camera for and what price range you are looking in, I won't say anything quite yet about certain cameras. Except that for a cheaper, non-SLR camera, go with a Panasonic or Canon. I actually have a consumer Panasonic LZ2 that works pretty well and has a zoom that beats all others in that price range. If you are looking for a digital SLR, well, I think the real choice depends on your background in photography equipment. If you were nikon based before, stick with a nikon or fuji camera, if you were canon, stick with canon. Anyways, that is all I will say on the info I have. Right now though, I will recommend some websites for purchasing your cameras at a much better price than you will find in a store: - especially for Memory Cards!!!

Hope this helps. Since this is my area of expertise,:rolleyes: any more questions are welcome.

Drake: I am still looking around. Weather was bad here yesterday so I only visited one store.

Rachel: I'm looking for a general purpose digital camera that will keep me happy for a long time. Things it will be used for: vacations, sports, chameleons, etc. I also enjoy messing around with longer exposures (stars and streets at night). Because of my different interests, I figured the ability to switch lenses would be great. There was a point in time that I was an astronomy major and learned a little about optics. However, I really don't know much about cameras so any advice would be appreciated :)

I would definately point you towards a Digital SLR camera then, after hearing about all you want to do with it. SLRs are so flexible for your needs! So, not knowing your price range you are looking for, but assuming you want a lower end, more consumer type model, I would recommend the Nikon D70. Or if you want even more consumer, cheaper, the D50. These cameras are very fast and have all manual settings as well as all automatic settings for your ease of use. You need the speed when you are shooting chameleon tongues and sports. You would also benefit from a fast zoom lens (meaning it opens up to a very large aperture, like 2.0 or 2.8). I would recommend starting out with something like a 28-85mm lens (Nikon brand, I am not a fan of Sigma lenses). Back to the camera, once you get into higher ISO settings (above 200) the pictures get very noisy, but if you stay in a low ISO you can get some great pictures. I am recommending Nikon because I am Nikon based myself, and unless you want a more professional grade camera, I think that the cheaper DSLRs from Canon feel like plastic toys (which is not a good feeling!) Hope this helps and that I didn't confuse you!
Thanks for the advice. I do have a few nikons on my list, including the d70. Hopefully tomorrow I can test out a few before making a final decision.
I can vouch for the D50's Quality. Solid camera. There is no sense going up to the D70 model unless you are looking to get really in depth with photography. Many Pros are using it as backup cameras, but for the average person, its just overkill, and not worth the doubled price of the D50.
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