My mom is afraid of me buying a chameleon online because she thinks that the chameleon will get stress out from the shipping of it and die fast.Is this true:confused:
shipping should okay

If the animal is captive bred, it should be fine. It is generally the wild caught animals that get the worst out of shipping. Their parasite load can increase greatly in that small amount of time. Find a breeder that will ship overnight and has a good arrival guarantee. Such as, full refund for DoA and full refund for any illnesses not your fault for at least the first week (hopefully a month). I've gotten a chameleon and two bearded dragons online. The ship out the night before and arrive at my doorstep the next morning before 10am. All three are just fine. Make sure someone is home to receive it. If you don't want a surprise, be sure to ask the breeder for plenty of pictures of the exact animal you will be receiving.
I have shipped many chameleons without any problems. All my chameleons are shipped overnight with an arrival by 10:30am with UPS overnight shipping. Problems occur if 1) someone ships an unhealthy chameleon - so be sure you are buying from a reputable breeder with a guaranteed arrival and 2) if the shipping company has problems with the delivery.

I have never had a shipment arrive late, although I know it can happen. The chameleons I have received (even wc's) have never arrived DOA with the exception of one very small delicate species, but that was due to the bad health of the chameleon that was shipped to me. Needless to say, I won't be buying from that company again.

As soon as I have received any chameleon from a shipment, they are drinking and eating right away without any difficulties :).
Ok, I'm going to order this Veiled Chameleon Package so first I have to wait to get my cage and other stuff so I should have my chameleon by next Friday:D
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