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Alright, this is my gravid female Veiled on day 23 of gestation. She's getting so massive, she wobbles so bad when she's walking on branches. She just gave up food, and she's checking out her nest site off and on, so here's fingers crossed. It looks like she's carrying alot of eggs. I really hope not too many... I don't even know where to start guessing at how many she has. Okay, here's two really awkward shots of her:


No head shots cause if she sees the camera she will go nuts and try to come after it. Just like a typical pregnant chick, trying to bite everybody's heads off.

Thanks for looking,
WOW!!!!!!! What a Bid Belly lol. I don't think ladies are like that only when they are pregnant lol. j/k good luck.
Alright. We're on day 24, and I swear she's doubled in size since that picture. Well, maybe not doubled, but she's very noticeably bigger since yesterday morning... She's constantly drinking water, but still constantly dehydrated. She hasn't eaten in just about a week... Ugh. I'm hating seeing her like this, I think she might have too many eggs.
Now what the hell am I supposed to do. There is a ficus tree in there, with a deep pot, lots of soil. She checks it out, but I've never seen any evidence of her having dug at it. There's even blankets on her cage so that no one can see in or out, most of the time. I remove the front blanket to shower her down. The dripper is going all day long, she's getting 2-5 showers in her cage a day, and she's still dehydrated.

I really don't want to mess with her, cause she's still got a week left (possibly), but should I try to put her into a separate nesting site? Or will the stress be too much... I haven't had to deal with one THIS big, and this dehydrated. She can barely get around her cage anymore. :confused:

I'm probably just being a worry wart.
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