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I hope this works I don't know how to post pics. I wanted to post a pic of my female Jackson's chameleon she is very dark black I am assuming this is stress. Also she is shedding is this ok that she was shipped while stressed. She is going all over her cage licking up water drops but her tongue is only coming out a little. Does she look ok to everyone? Does anyone know how old she might be?
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What wattage is that bulb? What are the temps under it? I wouldn't suggest that on there, just the UVB bulb is fine in my experience.

It is a 50 watt It is about 80 at the basking spot. I believe jacksons need a basking area.
It is about 7 inches above the spot. The stickers are not removed because they said I could return it when the new one comes.


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I always have a basking spot for all my chams, even all the montanes. Maybe a small watt and not a lot for heat for some but they all get a light so they "see the sun". I might drop down a bit on the wattage of your light but otherwise it is all good. Her shedding while in shipping is no problem and she looks pretty good. I think both you & she will do fine.


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She looks good. I see some nice red in there too. As long as you don't handle her the next couple of days she should be fine and become more green.
Thanks for all the responses. I won't touch her at all. She does like getting misted and crawls all over the cage drinking. I noticed the red in the pic. I will pst pics when I get her large enclosure set up.
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