shes got a URI again


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hello everyone at chamforums , how are you guys? im pretty good but my female veild is getin a URI ( upper respitory infection) again, i posted a thread around febuary that she had an URI and i gave her three needles with the antiboitics in it and she was fine right up and until now , i was gona go get another three just to be safe but i thought shed be ok , shes pretty much standing up right and once and awile she will kinda puff and looks like shes gasping for air so im takin her to the vet tommorow cause when i hold her i feel that crackling noise to i wont need a check up cause shes fine other then that shes eating fine and eatin her greens and drinking her water , but i just wanted to let yea guys know shes sick and i really apprecaited all the help from you guys here at chamforums

Aww.. poor girl. I hope she pulls through. It is good that you are taking her to the vet.

Have you looked over your husbandry to be sure that something there isn't causing her repeated URIs? Poor ventilation, standing water that allows bacteria to breed, too frequent mistings, basking temps that are too low, excessively high humidity, glass enclosures and even parasites can all make your chameleon more succeptible to URIs.

Maybe try filling this out and perhaps everyone can help you go over your husbandry in case there is a problem.

You can also go over your husbandry with your vet tomorrow. Good luck with her!
Maybe you should go over your husbandry to see if there's something that is causing it.

Does she get a draft at night? Is the cage wet when the lights go off? Do you have air conditioning in your house?

There are other things that cause this gaping...but I don't think they would be accompanied by that crackling noise.

Good luck!
my veilds cage is an all screen enclosure , its three feet tall by feet wide and like 30 inches in depth shes always been in there , shes never showed signs of wanting out , i have a 5 month old UVa UVb 5.0 exo terra floresent light , her temps range from mid high 70s to mid 90s and the humidity is at 50 % i use fake plants so im gona try real ones and see if its the humidity causeing the problem it also could be shes near my door in my room and my rooms in the basement and at night it does get quite cool so i always leave her heat light on i mist her 3 or 4 times a day and let the cage dry out everytime befor i spray again and while misting i usually mist her until she drinks but i also offer her greens waterd right down because she doesnt drink from a dripper iv tried for months on end and still no drinking from a dripper , i feed her roughly 8 to ten crickets a day to decrease the amount of eggs she lays so i can get a lil more longer time with her cause shes the most shy chameleon iv ever heard of and seen shes never minds if i pick her up witch i dont do unless cleaning her cage , i feed her mainly crickets cause thats all she will eat for the time being i gut load them with flucker dry food and apples and pears and romain for water , water melon, potatoes , appricot , dandilion leafs and alfalfa the odd time , oh im forgeting few of them i try and make her diet as varied as possible because she only eats crickets , her poops are ok one or two a month get a lil sloppy sorry to grose you out its just when she eats to much greens and a lil less crickets theres all the info if i missed any please tell me and ill try and answer them the best i can and thanks alot kinyonga and cherron
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