Shedding burnt skin?


I have had my chameleon for two weeks now, and this weekend she just shed her skin for the first time in my presence. On the second day we got her, she got a burn on her left side that was about a centimeter in diameter, and now the only part of the shed skin that is still attached to her is around the burnt area. I am thinking this means that a few layers of her skin were fused together. Should I do anything about this, like try and manually remove it? I would think it would probably be best to just leave it along, but I was wondering if the community had had any experience with this sort of thing before. I am guessing it is just a surface burn, only a few layers deep.


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do not remove it. let it shed on its own. it will take some time depending on the severity of the burn and it may take quite a few sheds before it releases.


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Do not try to remove it! The new skin beneath was damaged as well and the old skin is protecting that area. Depending on how severe the burn was, which is often hard to tell just looking at it, it may take a very long time and multiple sheds to resolve. Reptiles grow slowly, especially since their skin doesn't grow with them and wound repair takes much longer than it does in mammals. Trying to remove it may cause additional damage.
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