Shedding and grumpy!


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I'll be glad when this shed is over and he goes back to his not-quite-so-grumpy self and starts eating again!

my veiled is in the middle of a shed too and he won't eat. He is about 5 or so months old and this is my first shed with him.
mine is having his 2nd shed with me and this is the 2nd time hes eaten minimally - he has daily medication injected into a wax worm and some days its a struggle to get him to eat that - he'll be back to his old greedy self when hes finished shedding :)
My montium ate normal throughout his shed but this is his first shed since i had him. He actually wasnt to moody either!!!!!
colin is identical to the brown yemen! i was wondering will he go green soon? has yours? hes on a shed at the moment and grumpy and not eating also :)
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