shedding and going to the floor

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ok so 2 days ago my chameleon starting shedding. and since then i keep finding him walking on the ground. im not sure if hes falling but ive seen him at the bottom hanging on to the dripper tray watching the drops drop in.

is it normal for a cham to go lower when shedding?
My young Yemen's behavior usually changes when he sheds. He doesnt eat as much and usually moves around his cage to places he doesnt normally go.
hes jsut cruised down to the water bowl as we speak. actually mine is eaten very little since the shed. i got a panther tho so dunno if it means there different
i would guess he is going to the floor because there is higher humidity there, thus making it easier for him to shed. how do you and how much misting do you offer?
I noticed my ambilobe was chilling on right near the humidifier for a few days before his shed, and had slowed down quite alot, one day i came back from work and there was skin everywhere, hes been full of beans since
the bowl is just there to collect excess water. i have a dripper and spray 2 to 3 times a day plus i have a live tree so humidty is pretty good never drops below 50%. i was watching him earlier and where the bowl is lumpy he was rubbing his belly so think it was to help him shed.
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