Shedding and appetite questions????


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Just a quick question. Is it normal for a cham not to eat before shedding. She stopped eating a few days before she started shedding and now still dosent while shedding. She has had a couple super worms but wont touch the crickets. I dont let the crickets run loose, I leave them in a feeding bowl. She just sits in one spot and looks around. Any ideas????
Shedding never really affected my chameleons appetite but it might for others. She may just be on a strike from eating crickets and it is just a coincidence that she is shedding. Mine has been on a "cricket strike" for 4 months lol! won't touch them and the more you are on this forum you are gonna see that it is very commmon with the chams not wanting crickets after eating worms!!
my cham doesnt stop eating before she sheds, She will eat until shes actually shedding but once she starts she doesnt eat until shes done.
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