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So my 5 week male veiled just finished his first shed, now it seems like he never stays still unless he's sleeping. Has anyone else had the same experience?
Yup. They do that for a few days before they calm back down. I imagine that if i got rid of all my tight skin all of a sudden Id go run around and party too
Agreed my 4 month old ambanja is a freak when he sheds.

I put them outside every morning with a warm water drippier.

He started shedding this morning too and is running around rubbing against everything, scratching himself with his back legs.
Ditto, my 8 month old panther just shed and for two days didnt stop moving. i think he was trying to run from the piece of shed that was stuck on his back. :D
Haha that's awesome. He had some shed leftover on his tail that he could not get off, he was waving his tail in the air and flicking it over everything, it was hilarious.
He's been done shedding for like 4 days and he's still all over the place, it's so much fun watching him cruise everywhere.
Yuppers I agree with all! My male 2mth old veiled just had his shed a couple of days ago and today My panther Rango is doing his thing!
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