She Stopped Digging?


My Female Veiled Stopped Digging When I Walked By, She Has Been 6 Weeks Since Conception And I Will Leave Her By Herself With No Stress. Anyother Idea's? Moisture?
When a chameleon is digging don't let her see you watching her. As you've found out, they usually stop (figuring that its not a safe place to lay the eggs). If this happens often enough, the female may become eggbound.

The substrate in the container that she is digging in should be moist enough to hold a tunnel and deep enough for her body to be completely in the hole when she is finished digging it.

Has she been digging more than once?
she has been digging on and off for the last 5-6 days. needless to say she has the mouth full of marbles look to her body. i leave her alone and stay out of view. i think she will be fine. thanks, dave
I Moved Her Toa Secluded Spot With No Traffic. I Can See Her Without Being Seen. (i Think) She Over The Last 3 Weeks Has Dug 7 Holes And Layed Nothing. She Always Covers Up The Hole As If She Thinks She Has Dropped The Eggs But Yet She Has Not. Starting To Lose Hope Since Her Appetite Is Small And The Eggs Become More And More Visible Through The Side Of Her Body, Dave
If she is covering up the holes there is a possibility that she is eggbound. I would take her to the vets ASAp.
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