She is Turning Blue!! Could she be receptive??


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A few days ago a posted some pictures of my Female Veiled (La Nena) saying that she was showing some blue, but now she is showing more blue. I could say she is now a Blue Chameleon with Green and Yellow Spots and Blushes. She was Green when I got her.

I have read that blue spots are a sing of the female been receptive but I think she still small (4 to 5" without the tail), let me know what you think.

Here some pictures I just took:






that color shows that she is ready and wanting a mate but she is still to young to do it and it aint healthy to breed that young..... but in the future thats the sign when they are showing robin blue :D
I was thinking the same thing. I expect to mate her with my friend's male Veiled but i was worried that she still to young, and I would follow your advice.

I have two more questions:

Should I expect an Infertile Clutch in a couple of months?
What is the breedible size for a female veiled?

yes u can be expecting a infertile clutch its def possible, and i and most of the members of the forum will say not to breed a female untill she is over 1 year old
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