she hates me


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I have a 6 month old veil, Professor, who hates me. I have had her since she was about a month old, and she has always freaked out when I get near her. Since I didnt want to stress her out I always left her alone. But I though it would be good to get her a little tame just in the chance we need to make a vet trip. But I dont want to make her sick by trying to make her like me. She gets all puffy and hisses and runs around all crazy like. Can anyone give me any advise on how to make her like me, or if its even possible now? :confused:


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My 6 month old male hates me too~ I got him when he was a baby along with my female. She will tolerate me at least and doesn't freak out when go near the cage. My male will do everything he can to hide when he sees me walk into the room and if I try to coax him out of his cage he goes CRAZY. He will even jump from the top branch of his tree. I try to just leave him alone because I'm afraid he will hurt himself. If I do get him onto my hand he will calm down a bit and turn back to his normal green color, but as soon as he thinks he can make a run he jumps off my hand and gets the heck out of there. I've always had chameleons and he is the only one that acts like this... it kinda makes me sad :( Good luck with your little girl


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Advice given in another thread re your concern...

Me said:
If you specifically avoid any contact for fear of upsetting them, then it will take longer for them to see you as benign. This is not to say handle them constantly everyday, but when you feed, or clean etc, make a gentle and non threatening (never reach from above them but below) approach on occasion.
Move slowly and offer a finger or hand just below their legs, and leave it there a little while even if they seem a little upset.
In this way they become accustomed to your proximity.
Once they stop freaking out at that you might encourage them to move onto your hand, by gently raising your hand slowly, underneath and just behind the front legs.
This way they are forced to lift those feet and will generally walk onto your hand.
Patience and persistence will reward you with a more easily handled lizard when the need to move them arises.
Many folk forget to consider their lizards natural behavior patterns and there meanings at first and wonder why 'my cham hates me'
Lizards have lots to be concerned about by the presence of large moving things, since most of those large moving things intend to make a Mchappymeal out of them.
Something else worth mentioning,
When its front legs are on your hand, it may not walk on straight away (but thats a great start), at this point, NEVER become impatient and try to pull your cham off its branch!
Those weird feet are designed to be strong and hold fast in windy weather.
Chams have incredibly strong grip but not so incredibly strong bones, forcing it may break
its legs or/and feet.
At this point if you give its tail a gentle touch with your other hand it will generally move forward of its own volition.
Cheers :)


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try opening the door of the cage and setting a plant outside the door. See if she will climb on to the plant and then maybe try approaching her that way. Have you ever tried hand feeding her? Sometimes chameleons are very territorial in their cages and do not like t to ber approached or backed up. My chameleon is much more personable when he is out of his cage versus in. With mine I just left the door open and he starred climbing on top of the door and sitting there. It was then I started to slowly approach him. Make sure they can see your hand and come up underneath their chin if you want to make an attempt for them to climb onto your hand. Don't approach them from behind.


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thank you all soooo much ^-^ I am going to really try to be patient and dedicated to taming her. This is my first time on an forum and I am surprised at how friendly everyone is. It is so fun to find people who are as dedicated to their non human family members as I am.


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I would say, do what you can to be seen as benign, but be prepared to be hated. Many chameleons never become comfortable being handled. That doesn't make them any less wonderful.


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oh dont get me wrong, she is the BEST!!! so super cute and awesome!! most of my pets i dont handle for the same reason, not wanting to over stress them or make them hurt themselves. i would just hate for my vet to have to do anything with her right now, let alone get accurate information on her condition.
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