Shaky,sonic,splinter,lucky still healthy n growing

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shaky ,sonic ,splinter and lucky girl are still alive n healthy. i been busy cause i have to get a hernia surgery. thank god my brother is gonna help take care of the family. we setup a drainage system over the weekend it works great all is left is sealing the bottom of the cages with aquarium seal ,the bottom is pvc to aluminum we gotta seal it so as all the water drains through the custom drain we made.
next is the mist system it got a 5 gallon bucket/lid 55 psi pump and 4 mist nozzles ,timer,tubing etc.i am thinking about using a 10 gallon aquarium for the water tank cause i could stick one of these zoomed heaters on it to keep the water warm.
does anybody use the automatic mist system? do you keep the water warm? or room temp. cause i usualy use warm water ? how do you keep the water in the tank warm?
I dont know if 55psi will make a nice mist let alone for 4 nozzles. The rainmaker uses a 400 psi pump.
the rainmaker pump is 100psi ,this pump i have is the same brand as theirs , and these mist nozzles are made for as little as 40psi.
so 55psi is more then enough pressure.
it will be better then NOTHING AT ALL. OR VERY LITTLE. AS THEY WILL DRY OUT CRISPY AND DIE , SO WITH THAT SAID even if its not a small water particle mist all it must do is keep them alive because im not gonna be able to go up stairs after my hernia surgery next week.
my brother will probably feed them in the morning and maybe spray them.
let alone them drying out .
with that said the mist system is gonna have to work or theres gonna be 4 deceased chameleons,matter of fact they may even die if the mist system works.
i had them for 3 months now ,they were babies when i got them and they have mostly everthing they needed ,until now. i have to get this surgery and they are on the second floor , so since its a hernia surgery theres not gonna be much i can do .i mean i feel bad about ,but i do not want my stomach to explode again.
Why don't you take them downstairs before you have surgery?

I don't warm the water in my system.. none of the chams seem to mind.

theres not enough room plus my dogs are down here ,when they were babies they co-existed with the dogs down here .i think moving them back downstairs with the dogs stress them.
i am going to have to try my luck with the mist system and my brother feeding them etc.
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