sexing pygmys?????


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can you help me tell what sexes my little guys are? I think that i have 2 boys and two girls, but am not sure on the gals. Help!! oh, and how do my tanks look?



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what do you mean by "bulge" ? examples. sorry i know the pix are a little fuzzy, for some reason my camera wont take good close ups of them.


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Here are some characteristics that are generally used to tell the sex of bearded pygmies.

Slimmer Bodies than Females
Longer tails
Looks as if they have a miniature mountain range on their back

Larger more rounded bodies
Shorter tails
Rounder back



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they all look like males to me
Me too, unless both pics are of the same pyg. But definitely male imo. Here's the link brandychams was talking about with pics of a really great pygmy tank. They like lots of plants and lots of small highways for their tiny feet. Believe it or not, the more stuff you have in there the more you'll probably see them because they'll feel safe enough to crawl around and be more visible instead of feeling exposed and wanting to hide.


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Thanks for all of the help- The pics are of the two that i am 90% sure are my boys, as one of them had the other in a choke hold and I've heard that males fight. My "Naughty Britches" (his name now) is now in his own tank. That link was a lot of help, thank you. I got my pygmies from a local pet shop and I honestly don't know if they are wc or cb. I went to the store looking for a crested gecko and saw and my mom have always wanted chameleons... so they came home with us!!


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I'm not that experienced with them, but from all the research I did before I got mine (a LOT lol) I'd say both females.
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