Sexing Panther Please

Hey I posted a similar thread yesterday but it didn't get too much attention. I got a Panther Chameleon and was hoping for a male because I already have a cute girl chameleon and might be interested in breeding in the future. The store informed me of a male but Im starting to doubt their words.

I posted some pics of the little dude/dudette

He has alot of red under his chin and body and can start getting some yellow like colors right above the red. Ive also seen a little bit of green on some random scales.

Id say its about 3.5-4.5 months old.


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Yeah its what ive been leaning toward but the colors are just now starting to come in so maybe I should wait a little bit. I would just hate having to get rid of her
im debating but i already have a female that i took outta someones uncaring hands and breeding might be a possibility for me in the future. I already found a breeder that would willingly take her but im gonna wait as long as possible and knowing me I will probably not be able to let her go.
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