Sexing my BABY Ambilobe Panther CHAM..HELP

Can anybody help me sex my new chameleon..its young im not entirely sure that exact age in months. Thanks in advance for any help..I attached some pics


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Hah she looks just like my Cleopatra and shes a 4.5 month one. I bet yours is a little younger though, my limited experienced guess is that she is anywhere from 14-18 weeks old


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Your cham looks around the same age that mine was when i got here, so i think yours is around the 1.5-2 month mark. Looks like female to me but then again when they are that young it can be really hard to tell
Yeah I was thinking female becuase of the colors as well. I called the store for a trade because I was informed of it being a male. What a bummer, I was so attached to her already but i cant hassle with the egg laying


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i'm no expert, but...

the smooth area underneath the base of the tail is usually a dead giveaway. no hemipenal bulge = female.
mhmh how strange..yeah i was thinking a female for a coupel days now. What about colors? It has some red and it getting her yellow. I assumed it female cause dont males have much more prominent color by now?


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My little girl has way more spunk than my first cham who is an adult male. Yet she is way more shy than Samson, she tries to hide when I am around but she is suprisingly calm when handled. Whereas Cleo isn't as colorful as my male I still love her to death, all she needs is a little extra love and control. If you do a little research you can find ways to keep her egg clutches small and not as frequent and at the same time keeping the girl happy and long lived.


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At this young age, color is not an indicator of sex in my experience. The only indicator I know of is the hemipenal buldge, but as a couple other people mentioned, even that can be deceptive in a baby panther.

I would guess that yours is a female, but it's hard to be sure.


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Can you get some more pics of it when its not dark and trying to soak up the sun? Color is not a good indicator but sometimes it can help a little. This is a tough one!! Im almost thinking male with a small package.
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