SEVERE eye damage - Cornial Bleeding!!!


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I am terribly worried about Cobalts' condition at this time. For everyone who doesn't know, Cobalt is my Ambanja/Nosy Be panther Chameleon. This morning and throughout the day, he has been perfectly content. Then, his left eye snapped shut.

I thought he may have just been cleaning it, but when he re-opened it, the bottom of the cornia, within the eye, was matted with blood. I think he may have severed a vain in his eye. His vision in that eye is totally distorted due to the blood at the bottom, and I think he may be totally blind in that eye, as he didn't react when I took his picture- but when I tried to snap a shot of the other 'normal' eye, he hesitated and began to hiss. I also attempted to feed him crickets, and as always, he went for one. He ended up totally missing by inches! It is so heartbreaking seeing him in this State.

I really hope that this was out of my grasp, and it wasn't something caused by my care. Other than that- He's perfectly fine. That hardely even phases him. I'm scheduling a vet appointment ASAP, but in the meantime, any advice? Please, all comments are welcome...Thank you... :(


NOTE: Please check out my gallery for a pic of the problematic eye!!!
That does look very strange. Although it sounds like he's feeling quite well otherwise. If I were you, I'd still take him to the vet ASAP, but I think he's going to be fine.
I've never seen anything like that in a cham. It kind of looks like maybe he ruptured a blood vessle. I have no experience with this, but If I had to guess, I'd say it'll probably heal up and go back to normal. And as for his vision....Its anyones guess, but let hope it heals up, and all vision out of that eye is restored.
Definately keep us updated as Cobalt is quite an amazing chameleon. I especially like that pic of him indoors when he fires up. Great colors.
Another idea is that he could have possibly gotten something in his eye that is causing a bit of wound. I suggest a trip to the vet. Hope he's better.
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