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I Have A Pic Of Kahegas Set Up In My Gallery, Still Looking Into Resizing Photos(not The Brightest When It Comes To Computers). I Have Been Feeding Him Silk Worms He Wont Eat Cricks, I Bought 200 Eggs From Mulberryfarms And They Are Growing Rapidly, I Tlooks Like I Wont Be Able To Feed Them All To Him(they Will Be To Large) He Will Eat Them From My Hand, Everytime I Go Into His Cage He Hisses And Has Even Took A Bite At Me. I Know It Is A Long Post But Does Anyone Know Why He Would Bask And Open His Mouth, If He Is Hot Why Not Just Move, I Guess I Dont Know The Mind Of A Cham Yet?
Temp 76 Bottom Cage, 85 Middle, 95-97 Basking. Drop 5-8degree When The Humidifier Is On.
I Have Misted Him But He Does Not Seem To Like It, When I Start He Runs The Other Way To Hide??? I Have Caught Him Licking His Vines But Never Any Leaves?
Please Check My Gallery And His Setup To See If Anything Looks Wrong Or Detrimental To My Little Kahega. Thanks In Advance For The Input....
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