Setting up a misting system for different times?


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I have a promist misting system, and would like to run heads to my leaf chameleon tanks. However, I need to change the misting cycles for the tanks and also have longer misting cycles for my other chameleons. Has anyone done this? How?


On off valves could be implimented, but then you would have to use it manually, which isnt a problem unless you are using the system on a timer.
Hi Will,

I am using the system on a timer. I would like to get to the point where I could comfortably leave for a weekend and know that everyone was being misted. There must be a way to do different misting cycles for different enclosures? I think I will email Promist and see what they have to say...

If you figure this out, please tell me.

I would like to tie in a line to the crested geckos cage, but they don't need to be misted as often or as long.

Well, I think that if I used two water valves and two additional timers, I could get it to work. Basically, I would have to install valves on each of the two lines and then have the timers open and close the valves before and after each timed misting session. So, when it was time to mist the leaf chameleon enclosures, the valve to the panther enclosures would be closed, and the one to the leaf chameleons would open. I am sure that there are smaller water valves out there somewhere? I have used the lawn ones on misting systems before, and could again, but they are big and require adapters to go to the smaller line size. Maybe Pro Mist has some easier solutions for this.

I use a Home Depot Orbit Lawn timer and valves to do something similar to what you want to do. Basically, you use the timer to stage the order and duration of whatever pathway you want open. Use your pump timer in a way to be overlapped by the valve timer. The timers are about $20-$25 and the valves are about $12 each. You'll have to use adapters to bring the 3/4" valve ID down to the 1/4" fittings but these valves are a lot cheaper than other ones I've looked at.

Other brands should work ok but here are photos of Orbits similar to the models that I'm using.

Orbit 6 Station Timer

You don't need the one with the manual valve control on the top either.
Thanks, Dave. That is pretty much the solution I was thinking of, but was really hopeful there was a different route I could take that didn't require adaptions and more adaptions. I actually have a couple of those orbitz timers from using homemade misting systems, but I blew out my valves experimenting with cornelius kegs.. it is really, really easy to pressurize the cornelius kegs too much! Now if I can find some new valves in the winter here, that will be amazing.

if i was you i would just buy another mist system for the pygmy chameleons it would be better to do it that way.
if i was you i would just buy another mist system for the pygmy chameleons it would be better to do it that way.

Hi.. the Pro Mist 70 will run 50 heads. It cost a fair amount, and I would really like to be able to use it to its full potential. Here is a copy of the email that I received from the nice folks at Pro Mist:


We do make solenoids that can be used to create different cycles with the same system. You would program the main timer to operate the pump on all of the cycles desired and use the solenoid with a separate timer synchronized to only operate during the desired main timer cycles. The solenoids are designed for our ¼” tubing and sell for 54.95 including the power transformer. Any brand of plug in wall timer can be used to operate the solenoid. We do offer the same timer that came with your original system for $29.95.

It would take approximately 2 weeks from the time an order is placed to make a solenoid at our current production schedule.

You could also use an irrigation solenoid, but would have to install reducer bushings in order to fit the tubing. These are usually ¾” NPT fittings and are either 12 or 24 volts, requiring the appropriate transformer. If you would like to use this type of unit, we do have threaded x ¼” push in fittings that could be used to adapt the solenoid for the smaller tubing.

Bob Pound [email protected]
Pro Products

One cool thing.. I didn't think about the fact that it would only require one water valve and timer because they are "always off" except for when the timer tells them to open. Makes things a bit easier.

Coincidence or Alien Conspiracy...


Before I read your reply, I too got in touch with Bob. I however called him because I was too lazy to converse by e-mail. He said the same thing to me.

I went ahead and bought the solinoid and another timer from them. I like the previous timer he sent me. I also know that I probably could get some sort of solinoid for about $35 at Home Depot, and then spend another $10 rigging the thing. It would also take me a couple hours... anyway I just went ahead and bought his system.

I think it will be cool to have 1 solinoid turn on at appropriat time to feed 1 or more cages that require less misting times and amount of water.

Like you said, I will have to wait two weeks, but what the hey...

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