Serious health problems :'( Is He Dying?!


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Flapneck chameleon - around 7/8 months. had him for 4 months.
Handling - usually 2-3 times a week. but due to having to force feed - every day for less than 10 mins.
Feeding - Crickets, Waxworms once in awhile, locusts. fed on carrots very lightly dusted in calcium powder + some fruits. fed every other day.
Supplements - Blue iguana cal-stron for his MBD used every other day.
Watering - Dripper on constantly falling onto leaves + sprayed 3 times a day.
Fecal Description - white urate + formed faeces not loose or hard.
History - Has slight MBD, Bought from pet store - a nice one where they feed them correctly, large vivs + arcadia lighting ect ect.
been to the vets 2 weeks ago to remove an abcess. he is on oral antibiotics once a day.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - standard 2ft wooden viv - new house is ready for him to move into but he isnt well so dont wanna stress him out unill he's well enough to move in.
Lighting - Repti sun 10.0 - covered by a canopy.
Temperature - average range from 30-36oC during day
at night 25-29oC. basking spot 36oC.
Humidity - 60%+ sprayed 3 times a day and a fogger which it put on for half an hour in the morning and half an hour midday
Plants - not in this viv - his new viv has ficus.
Placement - up against a corner of my bedroom next to but slightly lower than the window. around 1-2ft off the floor so my cats cant get to him.
Location - UK, England

Current Problem -
He's not eaten properly in around 3 weeks, Hasnt drunk anything in awhile and now he wont even open his eyes, hes really weak and i can see his bones :'( had to force feed him the past week.
he doesnt move very far from the floor maybe one branch off the floor, or he will lay on the floor - on the heat matt.
he squeaks sometimes? he opens his mouth and takes a big breath + looks like he is coughing sometimes? his gullet? ( bit under his chin) will expand as he does this.


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Yes it was baytril. it has been diluted by the vets for him so i can give him the right amount each day.
should i stop?! what do i do now is he going to die :'( ?


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Was the baytril to treat the abcess on its head? Was the abcess cleaned out properly and the exudate sent for a culture and sensitivity test?
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