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hi, new here and the chameleon world in general.... i had WC anols when i was a kid, i live in south Texas, they're everywhere...

anyway i bought a Senegal cham at the flea market 3 days ago... after doing some research i realize the dude who sold it to me didn't have a clue, so i want to make sure i keep it in good health, i'm getting a ESU Fresh Air cage today after work (18"*12"*20"), as well as a Zoo Med Repti Sun 5.0 Fluorescent Lamp, a Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp, calcium supplements, gut load and some more crickets....

i'm thinking it's only 3-4 months old, it's eating, just found out about Gut Loading, and was thinking bout a product from Petco called, "Fluker's Laboratories High-Calcium Cricket Feed", and for the crickets to drink a product called, "Fluker's Cricket Quencher" and dust the crickets once a week with "Zoo Med Reptivite Reptile Vitamins" 2-1 calcium to phosphorus ratio...

it's drinking water, and it's green... i have a pic in my Gallery(how do i post it to a thread?), and will get some more after i get home, and can anyone give me a link to the proper coloring for this species...

the current setup is a 10 gallon aquarium with some coco in the bottom (won't be in the new cage) with some fake sticks, plastic vine, and a fake plant bought from wal-mart that was in the craft section... i have a feeding bowl hanging from a branch, but after reading bout them it seems not needed since it's most likely a WC and needs to use it's hunting instinct

temp in the basking area is 90 (using a desk lamp at the moment with a T10 60watt bulb) and the ambeint is 77 (house temp), humidity is around 60% (South Texas lol)

the tank is located on my dining room table in front of a window (not receiving direct sunlight till around 5-6pm), the new cage will be in a guest bedroom by a window facing south.... i was thinking to put the cage so that just a 1/4 of the cage would be in direct sunlight during the afternoon...

now for some ?s
What wattage basking lamp should i get if the amient in the house is always 76-78? and if there are cheaper ones can ya'll clue me in?

the cage, Is 18" long is one 15watt fluro enough with natural sunlight?

Are the supplements listed good ones, and is the way i intend on using them the correct way?

Is this the humidity a good range or should i get a humidifier?

and all comment and suggestions are welcome

thank you,
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