Senegal Chameleon Spy Enclosure


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I wondered into the world of chameleons while attending the hamburg
reptile show here in PA. Where I picked up my first senegal chameleon.
I am excited to be able to give my awesome new family member a good home. I decided to take a broke spy sun glass case I had from work to use for it's
enclosure. (20"X20"X36")

also came with this awesome system under what will be the enclosure for all sorts of goodies.

First when I got it home I tore it apart and started mocking up a door for it. Made of screen window frame.

next I secured the areas around with more screen frame and attached the screen.

I cut out spots for my heat lamp in the top and bottom

now before anyone has a fit about the plastic getting too hot or something of the sort. I have tested it for 24 hours straight. Not only did the setup work perfectly. but the heavy duty mesh kept the plastic from even getting warm! =D Next I added my twist on a rain system I am pretty sure I found here on the forums... Whoever made it up please feel free to take credit. It works perfect!

After I got that all working I went ahead and built a bamboo frame to go against the mesh to keep the little guy from grabbing onto the screen... Pretty sure that was an idea from someone here of the forums too... Take credit please!

Lastly I started to waterproof the bottom of the enclosure. Using a little slice of tarp i got it all sealed up on top of a spray foam slope to make all the water collect at the center. Where tomorrow I will be drilling a hole for it to empty into a container under it =D

PLEASE let me know what you think so far. Thanks!

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Looks good to me. Very creative design.
Just watch for mold with the bamboo. My Cham likes to chew on every so I would also be concerned with the twine.


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Wow I just realized you couldn't see it in any of the pictures. Right above where the picture ends of the bamboo frame there is a UVB bulb that runs across the top that's built into the frame. I rewired it so all the inner workings of the light and under the enclosure. Pictures later today when I feel like getting outta bed lol.


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A few updates

Redid the liner... Looks a lot less sloppy now, also completely water tight.
Drain added as well.

Rain bucket and drainage bucket.


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you are going to put plants in there right? It just looks the way you have sticks that you will have no room!!!


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DUde overall great job maybe to many sticks, someone needs to start manufacturing groovy enclosure at a decent price! I can design well as you all know building is not going to ever happen!:p:rolleyes:


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so I was thinking that I could just use a lot of fake plants/vines weaved through the sticks instead of using real plants... Or do real plants do better for our chameleon friends?


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I would suggest real plants. Much more natural, they collect and hold the water better so your cham can go lap it up from the leaves and help hold humidity. The cages is pretty bad ass if you ask me though:)


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I like schefflera (umbrella plants) the best, then ficus and then pothos. Scheffs have nice broad leaves and hold little puddles of water well. You will want to repot it into some organic soil with no fertilizers in case the cham wants to eat it or snags a feeder from it. Scheffs die easily from being constantly wet. You might want to get two and switch them every so often. I use mostly sand to pot mine in and it drains really well. Raise whatever plant up a little with a small stand etc so the plant isnt sitting in water. Scheffs are fairly cheap at Lowes.


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I love the Jade plant and weeping ficus (have had 0 issues with the weeping F) also pothos are awesome if you can obtain seriously grown out vines!


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Agreed about the schefflera, I got one that was about 2 1/2 foot high for $7.50 at lowes a couple weeks ago. I put some medium sized rocks in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage


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I thought you were going to spy on the cham in the enclosure. It look great but does for sure need some live plants, they also help with humidity.


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I don't think you need to mist in the middle of the night.
no mistings at night ( that would just suck, it would be like camping outside and it raining on you)..

the cage is SWEET!!! drain system looks to be done pretty for plants you could possibly use some small potted vines and attatch the pots to the side corners above the drain...just an idea..looks great tho!


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Didn't think about it like that. Turns out there was no night rain anyways. The timer that turns on and of my lights turns the pump off too so, no worries. Picking up some plants after work. What's the name of some vines I could use? (im terrible with plant names)
Definitely pick up a hanging pothos, even if there is a large one, you can cut off clippings, put them in water to root, then repot them in small pots. they really cover a lot and the leave are large and hold water as well as provide cover. I also like bougainville's, they are very pretty. I also put some small schefflera's in and they grow into the cage. If you want to cover the blue tarp but not use substrate(not recommended) you could try something like this and let it air out well before putting a chameleon in
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