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jeff martin

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Hello everyone ! I have been off the forum for awhile and now have no more chameleons !

I am selling a complete set-up if you are interested you will need to pm me for number and we can talk, i prefer local pickup only please, Difficult for me to drive 65 miles to town and ship same week, but if you are willing to wait a bit i can ship. I go to town twice a month. Everything i have is about 2 years old or less.

cage 24" x 24" x 48" brand not sure but it is top of the line ! Also have a 18"x18"x36" cage brand new !!
Mist king mister heavy duty pump and nozzles was about $200 new
custom built stand for cage and 5 gallon drain bucket under cabinet also 5 gallon bucket for mist king system.

2- 10 gallon tanks for feeders, heaters and accessories for tanks also included.
reptile lights for cage x 2 these are 10.0 lights
bunch of misc stuff, vitamins lights containers etc.

I am not planning on any reptiles in the future so everything is going ! If you are looking for a set-up you cant beat this deal.

$200.00 for everything, i would guess if you went to purchase all i have you would spend at least $1200 for all i have !

washington state ! hwy 20 east of mount vernon ! Thanks !
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