Selling all my chams, college sucks :mad:

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Brian Fischer

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This is the only one I have left that I need to sell. Local pickup only at this time. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

1.0 Blue bar Ambilobe Panther- I purchased this guy from Vince at Screameleons. He was sired by Supernova and is roughly 4 months in age. He is showing some fantastic coloration which has just begun to come in very quickly over the past two weeks or so. Blue bars coming in with green background at rest and yellow background when "pissed!" He is $400 OBO.





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Brian Fischer
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No, the frogs are very little maintenance so I am hoping I can still handle taking care of them while doing the school thing. The reason I am selling all the chams iis not because I am moving to a dorm or anything, I am actually commuting from home. I just had to face the reality that I will no longer have the time to take care of them the way I would like to and therefore in the interest of the animals I am selling.
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