Sela, the WC Nosy Be.. finally taking some food

Aminah Undone

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She's been here since the 9th, so I was getting a little concerned that none of the bugs I have offered were being eaten. She's shown plenty of interest, sitting on a branch above the food cup.. peering in for noticeable lengths of time. Today, she ate 3 of the 6 offered soldier fly larvae.

I was told she was eating crickets, but she shows little interest in them, here. I offered Dubia, crickets, mealworms, and soldier fly larvae. I'm waiting for the Butter, Silk and Horn worms to arrive.

She's been drinking plenty and I have figured out how to approach with the mister, so she can drink right from the flow. She's a particular little diva, for sure ..but I don't mind indulging her.

I'll have her fecal flotation done this week, now that she has something in her tummy. I'm not sure I want to take her in for an overall check-up, just yet. I don't want to set her back in her settling in process.

Those of you with WC animals, when do you take them for well checks, on average?
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