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is it a must for seasonal changes? or can i just keep every thing the same in my chams cage year round? temp is usually between 85 and 95 degrees and humidity is usually around 60%.

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i think its a personal choice imo,there was a recent poll on here and the stats are this: 36.60 % said NO....50.98% said YES the rest said "WHAT??" lol i personally do not :) ok after posting my comment i scrolled down the list of new posts and there is a thread started by brad and he is an administrater,there is alot of very useful,helpful and informative info there,i suggest you check that out if you havent allready and decide fr there,after reading all the "senior" ppls posts i will be adjusting my light cycle to match the seasons lighting hrs..i learn something new everyday on here,i love this place!!

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The only thing I do is add a higher watt bulb in the winter and a lower watt bulb in the summer. Just to counter act the weather inside and out. But thats all.


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I make the light cycle longer in the summer and shorter in the winter. That's all though, I keep temps and humidity the same (or try to) all year. If I were breeding I might try to simulate seasons more though.


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I change my lights with daylight savings in the spring and fall. I live in Fla and run my ac year round unless it really gets freezin cold down here so my house temp is usually always around 73-74. For us we really don't have any seasons, lets see hot, hotter, hottest!!!
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