Sealing wood


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what do u guys recomend. i would like to have a nice glossy finish
and of course be safe for the animal
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Thompson's water based waterseal.. but it doesn't look glossy. It has a flat finish. I have also used spray on polyurethane made for coating kid toys. It did not hold up well in the long run, though. The water seal has.

Will : the paint holds up over time? do u seal the paint? and u colourize it or just white?
Yeah. If you look at alot of these paints some of them have 20-30 year garuntees. They may cost a little bit more but would be worth the money in the long run. You really will not need a lot so a little extra in price will not be that much anyway.
The paint is a better sealant than actually sealant. Its litteraly a liquid latex covering. Water retardent. Pretty good to clean. Slick. Semi shine. Decent colour choices.
awsome thanks Will gonna build one for one of the little guys i hopefully get from u at the expo :)
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