Screened enclosures?


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I will be upgrading to a screened enclosure when my baby grows out of the glass Eco Terra enclosure. I am looking now though to be prepared to buy something I like so what are some good companies to buy from that carry Chameleon enclosures that I can still use all of my lighting with. I have a 18" lighting strip and a hanging fixture. And what about things to hold up the branches cuz right now they are suction cupped to the glass inside the habitat?
i have heard great things about diy cages and i have afew zoomed reptibreeze cages that are working good for me. i use thumb tacks that put throught the screen into the branches to hold them up.
I use these cages for all my chams.
And I use #6 x 1/2" pan head stainless steel screws, instead of thumb tacks. I guess I have fat chams because the thumb tacks didnt hold up. They even began to rip the screen and pop out. With the screws they aint goin anywhere. ;)

Just my 2 cents
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