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I was wondering if anyone has seen or uses the half screen and glass cages. I would think these would be the best of both worlds because you can maintain the humidity better and you also get the airflow they need. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
Well to what i know is screen is better but i dont know about both... so yea guess you will find out
Mine have three sides of glass, screen fronts and lids. Its very dry here in the house now and even being this closed in its difficult to keep the humidity up.
Actually I posted a thread a while back about my successful enclosure that uses a glass aquarium and circulating water filtration system in the lower part, but unfortunately a idiotic forum member jumped in and ruined the thread.
My chameleon is healthy and happy and even though I live in a very dry climate maintaining humidity levels is not a problem at all. My chameleon is free to move from the warmer, dryer upper portion of the enclosure to the lower, cooler, humid area at will. I designed it that way so he is able to self regulate as all creature habitats should be designed.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see the thread and read about it.
I have 7 Euro style ( 3 sides glass and screen front and top) cages and 4 screen cages. I like 'em both.

Screen does not hold humidity well and glass can cause stress from relections although this has only happen with one cham.

otherwise I'd say both styles work well.
Thanks everybody for replying. I think I will just stick to screen cages. They are just easier to maintain.
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