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    It's o.k. The cage is easy to put together, but the screws rusted on the first day for me and there are little holes in the frame that crickets hide in which makes free ranging a pain. The lights are excellent, but the mister is junk. Also, my humidity gauge broke within the first week. I give it a 6 out of 10. Furthermore, the branches that come with it are a health hazard as I discovered in the second week. They are cheap little manufactured sticks that are covered in fake bark that rubs off with little to no pressure. I'm glad I removed it all because I'd be pissed if my chameleon went to drink and a piece of that crap gave him impaction. If I was you...I'd buy a Reptibreeze, Mist King, and lights. Then, put live plants in that.
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    I got my chameleon through the Screameleons ultimate set up package. It's great. Vincent and Farrah are great and their chameleons some of the best. I definitely recommend their set up.

    This being said, chameleons are expensive. The kit was around $500-600 with baby male Ambanja chameleon. I have easily spent an additional $800 if not $1000 on my chameleon in the past 8 months. People who are experienced with chameleons will spend much less than that, but they already have all the equipment or have time and resources to build their own. Feeders can get pricey if you want variety, which is what chameleons require.

    The ultimate set up is only good until the chameleon turns 5-6 months. By then he'll be too big. Then you'll have to get a cage that is 4 ft high, 2 ft wide and 2 ft deep. You can't go smaller as chams get over a foot long. You can, of course, go as big as you want :)

    This is my first chameleon, but I spent months researching and have already kept reptiles and amphibians in the past. A chameleon is NOT a begginer lizard. It's like having a child, except this child has to eat live food.

    If you are prepared to spend a huge amount of time taking care of this animal and are capable of buying what it needs as it grows older, then GO FOR IT! You won't regret it.

    But if money is an issue, or you are not sure, then I would reconsider. These are very high maintenance animals that require a lot of love and (unfortunately) $$$. Investing over $1000 in one chameleon over just a year is not crazy. My cham doesn't live in Monaco. But if I need to drop $200 (vet, etc) for him, I won't think twice. You have to be able to do that. I'm finding that once you get all the adult equipment and feeders all set up and figured out, it's actually not very expensive at all every month. I spend around $60-70 on silkworms and hornworms a month. I have 3 different types of roaches breeding and other feeders that I breed myself. It's not a lot. You can't just buy crickets or roaches to feed a chameleon. You get crickets/roaches AND other feeders.

    If you have any questions about the Ultimate set up, feel free to pm me.

    If I totally misread your comment and you know everything I just said already, then my apologies for wasting your time :p

    I have a bad habit of writing too much on these posts, but i really want you to know what your getting into. Getting a chameleon is not a toy. It's adopting a new member of the family.
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    Citizen Snips: Really? Wow. I had absolutely no issues with my branches. I scrubbed them and nothing ever came off. Maybe my branches were different? Hubba mist is a piece of crap-that was my only complaint. if i were to do it again i would just drop the $180 and get the Mist King. It's amazing and can hold up to 12 nozzles! Worth every penny. Pump is built like a tank and the mist is perfect.
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    must be different branches now because no bark came off of mine. The habba mister sucks. The light blub was already burned out. the screws did rust immediately. But Tanzy is great!!! :) The fixtures seem good also.
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    Get a cage and UVB light from LLL. Go to Home Depot for a plant, lighting fixtures. Get your fake plants/branches from a place like Micheals or another craft store...or even a 99 cent store. Micheals has the best fake plants though. Get a fogger from online( If this is just one cham. and your first time, dont worry about a mister......once you have like 5-6 then get one....and YES IT WILL HAPPEN.....:) LLL sales pump misters so u dont have to keep squeezing the handle.
    Haba-anything will break on you fast.(mister/fogger)
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    I disagree, i would definitely invest in a mister and automatic timer. If you are home all day and can mist the cage by hand, then that's great. But if you go to work/school all day then a mister is the only way to go unless you have family members, etc who can mist reliably for you.
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    my misting system goes on only twice a day (i could technically do that by hand) and i seem to keep a good 60 percent before it turns on for 1 min...i think the screameleons animals are great, the set up is overpriced with stuff you will wish you didnt get, go to LLL reptile like said before, get a large enclosure, grab the bulbs you need there (5.0 bulbs) also a few of the expensive bendable vines(if you dont you will end up wanting them later anyway) and go to home depot for the fixture for the 5.0 light and a basking light 60 watt(i use the "reveal" bulbs they are a "plant" style incandesant bulb) and the "clamp lamp" for it (they can help you there) and order a mist king from marty (dont forget to get a bucket at homedepot for the mist king)..and also pick up a few nice plants..done for about the same cost but have a MUCH better set up (mist king basic, is only 99.99 bucks right now!)
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    A dripper can be set up in place of a mist system....alot cheaper to. I had over 30 chams and only bought a mist system for the outside(patio mist). Inside, I used drippers and hand misted my Panthers and Veileds twice daily. My montanes got mistings more frequently with the patio misting and hose nozzle on the fine setting.
    Just trying to save this person some money......its already an expensive hobby.........
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    Vincent has a nice start up kit, but it is exactly that....A start up kit. Hope that helps. Eventually, you will upgrade size enclosures, want a mistking, and numerous other things. Then LLL will be your next step. Vincent, is a stand up guy and great to do business with.
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    screameleons is full of doo doo when i put my zilla cage together i didn't hear any mario bro's music playing while putting it together and thats false advertising!!!:(:(:(:cool: yeah but i've had no problems with my zilla cage except it does tend to leak a bit from the bottom but that can be fixed by buying water silicone treatment and just going around the edges.
  12. tkilgour

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    LOL, another thing is those zillas will rust after 6 months. Not a dig at Vince at all, but it is true. LLL enclosures never rust. However, Vince's kit is a perfect "start Up" kit, while your little guy grows.
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