Screameleons or Kammerflage Kreations?


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i have a kammers, but i dont think you can go wrong with either

i think you just gotta see whats available from both and pic your favorite


Neither, you will get a qualitu healthy animal both ways, I have a kammer cross and he is perfect in every way.


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as already stated,

BOTH are reliable, honest, and great quality breeders...

if you want help with what kind of panther you want, we mite help:D

what kind of panther do like? or what colors do you like on a cham?:)


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both are great to buy from. you can't go wrong with any you may choose.
personally, I like Liddy's lines better right now.
but as for quality, both are outstanding.



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I can only speak for kammers. They are awesome, incredibly helpful. And my boy Jack is just amazing. But from what I have read you can't go wrong with either.


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i really like crosses. I also like dr gonzo on the forums
lol...then talk to chad and ryan from "Tiki tiki reptiles"

they are also a Great quality, honest, and reliable sponsor;)

baiscally all the sponsors here ae all good, just make pick one that fits for you.


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yup i have a cham from both screameleons and krammers and there both really healthy...:D...but since your in cali i would go with the krammers cuz you can arrange to meet up with liddy or her husband and get your cham that way vs having the little guy or girl shipped and go thru a bunch of hands and stuff...and you wont have to pay for shipping...if you meet up with krammers you will probly just have to put some both are really good...


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If you like crosses and like dr Gonzo then you should go for the Kammer's cross K'Gar baby. Jmho. They should be ready for home by now. Good luck. Post back when you decide.


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Ya, Im probably going for kammers. I was just at the show in pomona and saw their booth. Some great chams and saw a couple cross babies
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