schefflera actinophylla

i have heard and read somewhere before that scheffleras are toxic with the exception of the aboricola. schefflera aboricola is safe for your chameleon to ingest, which is why knowing the scientific names when plant shopping is very helpful
flChams has a great safe plant list and as another member said, its not on. are you sure it is the schefflera you are refering to that kammerflage uses?
Its more then likely fine. Ive use many species of schefs without any problems.

This is interesting. I really really like the more tree like Scheffelera's as they are more suitable to a large cage and medium/large cham. How toxic are they and has anyone had a cham die from something like this?
imho, almost every plant used in captivity is toxic to some degree (ficus benjimina, schefflera aboricola, crotons, plams, ferns) it all depends on the amounts it is being consumed by the animal. if you notice your chameleon eating too much of one plant, you may want to consider changing the plant. if your chameleon is a big plant eater like a veiled, than using Hibiscus shrubs would be your safest and healthiest plant to use. you could even through a hibiscus in with other "safe plants" for added touch, and from experience, chances are the chameleon will choose the hibiscus over anything else. i've noticed this with 3 different veileds, all different ages, and different sexes.
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