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my Incubator had some failure recently and i found it unpluged. i could have been unpluged for a day or 3 im not sure... the problem i have is i found my eggs a little dry and starting to sink in.. first thing i did was refreshed the eggs with more water!

my question is: Is there any way to save the eggs or should i just give up, since the eggs sank in are they dead or reviveable??
There is a chance they could be saved but it will depend if the dehydration was too much. Rehydrating the media was a good move as the eggs should try and reabsorb some moisture. If the embryo died, the eggs will go bad rather quickly and spoil in the typical chameleon egg way (fungus on the egg and shriveled up). If they don't spoil too quick, then keep your fingers crossed and see what happens down the line. I have had normal, healthy looking eggs go full term and nothing hatches. After I open the egg, there was nothing but yolk and not even a formed embryo, yet the egg didn't spoil right away like it is supposed to.

If the eggs stay good and the media is at optimum saturation, take a weight of the container with the eggs and the hydrated media. Write down the weight and every 7-14 days check the weight gain. If it drops, it means it might betime to add a bit of water to keep the proper hydration status. If it keeps rather constant, do not mess with it.

Hope the eggs can be saved and nothing bad happens.

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