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Hey my name is Maddy, I just wanted to come to the lizard lounge and share a funny experience I had today with my female veiled. Due to roads being iced over the last couple days I was unable to go get a fresh bag of crickets. So today I ran completely out of crickets. (Luckily roads will be fine for travel tomorrow). However, my spoiled cham was unable to eat any of those oh so yummy crickets today and I believe it had her in a bit of a scuffle. Usually, she's hidden away from the world behind her leaves and living her private chameleon life, but today she decided to walk out onto one of her exposed branches and stare at me. I figured she was probably hungry, so I walk on over to the cage and grab my superworm container. She then cocks her head to the side (similar to a dog) as I fiddle to get the cage open. I feed her one superworm in which she devours like a dinosaur, then I try to think of something else she can eat (as too many superworms are not good). So I make my way downstairs and discover some raspberries in the fridge. I bring a couple back to the cage to offer her, and at this point she had never eaten a raspberry before. So I break the raspberries up into smaller pieces and offer some to her. She looks at the raspberry then back at me with disappointment in her face. She then gives me a couple good sassy hisses to express her displeasure with my food offering and decides to chomp down on the raspberry. Never before has she hissed at me during feeding time, so it's safe to say she wasn't quite pleased with me LOL. For the rest of the night she sat in her enclosure flaring her throat at me and gaping at me when I would make eye contact with her. Hopefully she forgives me tomorrow, when I come with a peace offering of more crickets. >.<


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You would think she would taste her first delicious raspberry and have an epiphany about what she’s been missing! Darn Insectivors
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